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User identity,  verified.

Quickly and safely validate who's using your services. In just seconds, verify a device, identity of a person, and their ID documents through API, SDK, or an integration personalized specifically for your business.

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Type of Validation

Document Validation

Data extraction through OCR technology.

Government database validations.

Anti-fraud models to detect fake documents.


Type of Validation

Facial Recognition

Allow platform access through facial recognition.

Compare your user's face against their ID documents.

Avoid identity impersonation and account takeover.


Type of Validation

Email Validation

Set up two-step authentication.

Send security codes to verify email addresses.

Filter out fake emails and suspicious IP addresses.


Type of Validation

Phone Validation

Set up two-step authentication.

Send security codes via SMS.

Validate identity through a phone call.


Type of Validation

Security Questions

Instantly verify the identity of your users.

Personalize security questions.

Reduce user friction from the moment they start the session.


Type of Validation

Voice Recognition

Create a database of user voices to validate identity.

Generate a user voice profile to avoid account takeover.

Personalize your Validations

Create custom flows in minutes

Organize you validators in any order you'd like. Our team will advise you along the way to help define the flow, integrations, and deployment.

Examine the results of each validation

Find metrics and statistics to help identify areas with higher probabilities of fraud.

Detected risk profiles
Personalized for your business
1.5 MM
Validations each year
1 minute
Approximate response time

Frequently Asked Questions

that other people have had about Digital Identity.
What is Digital Identity?

It is the profile that we generate using our different types of validators, in order to authenticate your users.

What is a validator?

It is a service that allows you to validate your users in real time.

What types of validators are?

We currently have identity document validation, facial recognition, email validation, phone number validation, security questionnaires and voice recognition.

In which countries is Digital Identity?

It is currently available in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. Soon we will be present in other Latin American countries.

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