Help us eradicate fraud in Latin America

Truora is a tech company that builds fraud prevention solutions for the region. We help startups, marketplaces, fintechs, banks, human resources firms and other companies to reduce fraud risk on their relationships with users, clients, employees and suppliers.

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Client oriented
background check
background check
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Our Benefits
our employees have flexibility of time and workspace.
we offer health insurance to all our employees.
ur offices are located in central areas and are easily accessible in the different cities twe are located.
Competitive compensation
we remunerate the great work of our collaborators with outstanding salaries.
Equity package
we offer options to our employees, making them owners of the company so that they benefit of the company's growth.
we offer lessons on various topics such as entrepreneurship, languages, personal finance and programming.
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Our team
18 July, 2017

I decided to work at Truora because it is the perfect opportunity to grow and develop professionally, since from the beginning they care about your continuous learning, it also works in a super pleasant environment where skills such as teamwork and proactivity are enhanced using agile methodologies and continuous improvement, for all this I recommend working in Truora.

José Luis Sabogal
18 July, 2017

What I like most about being part of Truora is the great challenge that it has represented for me to embark on the exciting world of entrepreneurship and feel an active part in the emergence of such an ambitious project from the hand of visionary leaders.

Learning to break paradigms, to tolerate uncertainty and understand that making mistakes is good, that it is better to be practical than to seek perfection, all that has been an invaluable experience.

Susana Uribe
18 July, 2017

In Truora I had an incredible opportunity for learning and professional growth.

I have been part of the design and construction of our products under the mentorship of the best software architects and entrepreneurs. Every day I feel very proud of the product and the culture that we have built together.

Maragarita Gómez
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