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What is Truora?

Truora is a background check company that helps companies, banks, and personnel agencies speed up their hiring and compliance processes, reducing the risk of fraud and increasing the security of their network.

Through an online platform and in less than 30 seconds, Truora customers can access criminal, legal and vehicle records, as well as national and international government lists.

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How does it work?
How does the platform work?

In the video below you can see how one of our users performs a verification search on our platform.

What are its benefits?

Truora offers a wide variety of detection services. The most popular services are:

1-ID validations
2-Criminal records
3-Legal records
4-National terrorist lists
5-Vehicle history
6-Professional verifications
7-International lists and alerts (terrorist alerts, identity theft, money laundering)

How long does a verification take?

In most of our evaluations, our average time per checkup is less than 30 seconds. We believe in delivering on our promise of speed and reliability for our customers.

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In which countries does truora work?

In Latin America we have offices in 5 countries.


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Do you have a web based product or API?


Our web solution offers quick setup and guarantees the best user experience. Verifying your candidates on the web interface is as easy as: entering the ID number to validate, obtaining the relevant user permissions, and then verifying and reviewing the results in the Truora control panel.

You can also access everything that our users can do in the web-based interface through the API; in fact, the API provides greater flexibility for developers to integrate what best suits your needs.

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What are the functionalities of the platform?

In addition to conducting background checks in record time, Truora offers:

- Easy API integration
- PDF reports of all queries
- Massive queries in Excel, to perform multiple background checks at the same time
- History and metrics of your searches
- Continuous alert (notifications of any change in the risk profile of the person consulted)

What is your pricing model?

Our pricing model is flexible depending on the product selected by our clients and the volume of inquiries they will make. We offer competitive prices in the market, with monthly invoices on the consultations made.

How long does it take to create my account?

Setting up an account with us is a matter of minutes. Our sales team will ensure that you select the right package for your business needs and will guide you through the user creation process.

If you request an API integration, the necessary information will be shared with your team and a technology leader will be assigned to support them in the process.

Who do they verify?

Our clients use Truora to validate the identity and background of their users, clients, employees and suppliers. No verifications are made to minors, nor to clients who do not accept the terms of confidentiality.

Without an identification number, can I check the background?

Our algorithms require the person's identification number to access all of Truora's detection services. However, we also carry out validations with other types of data.

How is it validated against homonyms?

With a deep understanding of the culture and the Latin American market, we have designed algorithms that check databases to minimize the risk of homonyms.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the most accurate information in their search, and also to provide % accuracy when there is not enough information to be 100% sure of namesakes.

Where does the Truora data come from?

We review multiple national public databases, as well as all county courthouses in the countries where we operate.

International criminal lists, money laundering records and identity theft make up our international background check service.

All of the above applies with the information that Truora has collected throughout its operating time.

How do we comply with regulations?

Compliance is enforced through our proprietary compliance engine, which is built into our platform.

Where each of our clients ensures that they have the necessary permissions before carrying out any verification.

Under what laws is Truora governed?

Truora is regulated in the personal data protection legislation of international entities and those corresponding to each country.

We comply with these laws, since we manipulate public information with the necessary permissions for each search.

ONU: (Resolution 45/95 of 1990)
1 - Principle of legality and loyalty.
2 - Principle of accuracy.
3 - Principle of purpose.
4 - Principle of access of the interested person.
5 - Principle of non-discrimination.
6 - Principle of security.

Regulated according to the 8 guidelines related to the protection of personal data:

1 - Principle of limitation collected.
2 - Principle of data quality.
3 - Principle of specification of purpose.
4 - Principle of limitation of use.
5 - Principle of security guarantees.
6 - Principle of data opening.
7 - Principle of individual participation.
8 - Principle of responsibility.

For country:
Organic Law of Habeas Data 1266 of 2008. Law 1581 of 2012 for the Protection of Personal Data.

Law 19628 on the Protection of Private Life.

Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals of 2010

Law 29733 on the Protection of Personal Data.

Can a candidate “complain” or review their results?

Candidates can review their results and, in case of inconsistencies, directly request a change with our customer service team.

We have a team of experts who help guide you through the legal process of changing public records (in the government record).

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