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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I do a TruCheck?

You can do it from the web platform or by connecting your services to our API.

From which device can I do a TruCheck?

You can do it from all kinds of devices by entering the web platform, you only need an Internet connection.

What does the TruChecks score mean?

It is a weighting of the different information that the report contains. There are factors that impact it to a greater extent depending on its severity. You can modify the weights according to your business rules.

What can I do if my report reflects something that happened a long time ago or something wrong?

You can contact us through our chat. Remember to send us your contact information and attach files that support your case so that we can provide you with better help.

I need clarification of my score, what can I do?

The first thing you should do is verify with the person who performed the validation. If it is not possible to obtain the report, you can contact us through our chat and we will help you with everything you need.

What can I do if a company or person rejected me for my score?

The decision to hire, or not, is entirely up to the person or company that carried out the validation. We do not decide if a score is good or bad.

Digital Identity

What is Digital Identity?

It is the profile that we generate using our different types of validators, in order to authenticate your users.

What is a validator?

It is a service that allows you to validate your users in real time.

What types of validators are?

We currently have identity document validation, facial recognition, email validation, phone number validation, security questionnaires and voice recognition.

In which countries is Digital Identity?

It is currently available in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. Soon we will be present in other Latin American countries.

Where can I use the validators?

You can use them in onboarding processes, login or in any other type of critical transaction where you need to authenticate your users.

How can I integrate the validators?

You can integrate through our API or through a 100% customized web application for your company. We are also working on an SDK for Android and iOS.

Can I use more than one validator?

Of course! You can create your own validation flow with the validators you need, in the order you need them.


What is FrauData?

It is the largest fraud bureau in Latin America. FrauData helps you prevent criminals from entering your operations by receiving alerts from other allies who have previously suffered from fraud. If you want more information, you can communicate your doubts through our help chat.

How does FrauData work?

You should only share the information you have about fraud that you have suffered and you will be able to receive reported information from our allies in order to prevent future attacks. We only ask for information that can be shared according to Habeas data regulation and is shared once a week.

Do you have to pay to be on FrauData?

No. At the moment it is completely free, but it will only stay that way for the first 100 companies that have joined.

Will my competition know that they are cheating me?

Of course not! This information is 100% confidential. Only information that has been identified as fraudulent will be shared, but not which companies have been affected.

How can I join FrauData?

To be part of our allies you only have to communicate with us through our help chat, or through our contact form.

What information should I send?

When you are part of FrauData we will send you a template about the fraudulent information that we must identify. This template may vary depending on your operation and the information you have.

Is it legal to share information about fraud?

Yes. We are working under the GDPR regulations and that of each country. We are not currently collecting any type of information that could be related to the identity of a person.

If I have not suffered from fraud, can I be part of the network?

No. In order for us to grow as an anti-fraud community, it is essential to share information that has been reported as fraud.