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Background checks in minutes

Check criminal, legal and vehicular records of users, candidates and providers. Onboarding, hiring (and possibly firing) just got a whole lot easier.

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Checks in real time

Make decisions faster

Get detailed information about each check you complete

Receive risk alerts on each search you perform.

Download a report detailing all your checks.


Type of check

User Check

Verify user background records using an ID document only.

Protect your company's reputation by checking candidate history.

Make hiring fast and agile.


Type of check

Vehicle Check

Check drivers and their vehicles.

Make sure all vehicle documents are up-to-date.

Check for traffic fines and violations in real-time.


Type of check

Business Check

Check business providers you are considering working with.

Avoid doing business with fraudulent clients and customers.

Safely acquire products and services.

Always updated, always ready.

Watch each change that happens with your check

Activate Continuous TruChecks to get notifications each time your check changes its results.

You can also integrate through API to seamlessly create your own flows based on the information you receive.

Analyze all your metrics and reports in one place

Find complete monthly information about your checks grouped by type, country and average search speed.

Verifications per week
Continuous checks
2 MM
Threats detected and prevented
336 Hrs
Average time savings

Frequently Asked Questions

that other people have had about TruChecks.
How can I do a TruCheck?

You can do it from the web platform or by connecting your services to our API.

From which device can I do a TruCheck?

You can do it from all kinds of devices by entering the web platform, you only need an Internet connection.

What does the TruChecks score mean?

It is a weighting of the different information that the report contains. There are factors that impact it to a greater extent depending on its severity. You can modify the weights according to your business rules.

What can I do if my report reflects something that happened a long time ago or something wrong?

You can contact us through our chat. Remember to send us your contact information and attach files that support your case so that we can provide you with better help.

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