Integrate WhatsApp with HubSpot and automate interactions with your user

Integrate WhatsApp with HubSpot and automate interactions with your user

Connect WhatsApp Business with HubSpot workflows and create automations to improve user interaction with your marketing and sales actions.

Send messages to your users according to their lifecycle

Our platform connects with your HubSpot CRM account, helping you to personalize your contact actions with users.


Maintain communication with users

From WhatsApp chatbot to HubSpot Conversations module, without losing the information


Connect your CRM with WhatsApp

Create and update properties to store in your CRM the data you get from your users on WhatsApp


Power your WhatsApp with workflows

Configure WhatsApp messages with automatic sending, from the HubSpot Workflows module


Automate your WhatApp conversations by integrating with HubSpot

Keep conversations with your users active:

 Connect tools: start WhatsApp conversations from within HubSpot.

 Collect and store data in HubSpot: create and modify properties from the information collected in WhatsApp, to keep the data in your CRM.

Permanent attention to users: if after conversing with your chatbot people still have questions, you can redirect them to an interaction with a human agent, without losing the follow-up

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Integrate easily with Truora: no code tricks

Automate conversations with your customers or users and improve your team's productivity.

All in one: preserve sales, marketing and customer support conversations in your CRM

Build stronger relationships with your users by personalizing your marketing campaigns using WhatApp


Connect WhatsApp and HubSpot
with your business

Maintain successful communication with your users by integrating with HubSpot and Truora. Store all records and property data in your CRM, without leaving WhatsApp

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Big brands trust us
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