Onboard, validate and recover users without leaving WhatsApp

Optimize user conversion rate with our KYC and AML solutions for background checks, international list review and identity verification.


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Simplifies registration of new users with 100%

customizable verification processes in WhatsApp



Comply with financial regulations for Prevention of Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/PLD)



Background checks, international list search, and identity validation in real time.



Accelerate your users incorporation through WhatsApp: their favorite channel.



Reduce your customer acquisition cost and increase your conversion rates.

80% of people use WhatsApp as their main communication
channel with an opening rate of 99%
Our KYC processes, using WhatsApp
  • 1) Government ID
    Data extraction with OCR technology, validation of government data sources and anti-fraud models detecting false documents.
  • 2) Facial biometric authentication
    Checkis the similarity threshold between the government ID against a selfie or a short video, creating custom confidence thresholds and real-time proof of liveness.
  • 3) AML and background checks
    Consultation of legal, criminal, international PEP, Interpol, FBI and more records. Risk level score and availability to download results in PDF format
  • 4) Electronic signature with legal validity
    Digital signature of documents in a simple way, compatible with mobile devices. Saving time, paper and money, all with legal validity

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Quick and easy integration


Compliance with General Data Protection Regulation


ISO certification, the strictest security standards

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