Optimize your
onboarding process customer service reach and sales user verification
using WhatsApp

Optimize your
and sales

using WhatsApp

Truora: The smartest way to connect

Simplify your user registration process. Grow as a platform or application and increase user acquisition rates and sales.

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Integrate our products to your business, no code required.

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Connect with your users
through their favorite channels

Design and automate personalized chatbots to validate your users, sell your products and interact with your customers through WhatsApp.

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Background Check
Verification in +2000 sources

Validate criminal, legal, financial and vehicle history of your users. Check AML and PLD lists to comply with KYC regulations.


Validate the identity
of your users

Verify that your users are who they claim to be by validating identity documents, using face recognition or liveness, authenticating their devices and getting their electronic signature.

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Digitally sign
your business documents

ZapSign is the easiest to use electronic signature with legal validity. Save paper, time and money by creating your free account now.


Simplify your user
registration process

Create your own conversations in minutes and make it easy for your users to interact with you from WhatsApp without the need to download an app.

  • Deploy and launch quickly.
  • Verify your users' identity or background.
  • Increase your conversion rates.
  • Reduce response time.

Automate your
customer service

Design customized chat flows for your WhatsApp line and improve your customer service:

  • Automate your customers' frequently asked questions and reduce operational time and costs.
  • Create a personalized support/service experience.
  • Allow your customer service reps to take over the conversation at any time.
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Increase Marketing
and Sales results

Gain access to customers you wouldn't normally reach, keep in touch with them through the channel that no one ignores.

  • Automate your lead acquisition process.
  • Simplify your sales processes.
  • Create inbound and outbound campaigns.
  • Send appointment reminders, promotions or manage secure purchase processes.

More than 300 clients trust us

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"Integrating with Truora has made our fraud prevention processes automated and agile. The best part of this is always having a continued partner from the product side to keep things up to date."

Juan Pablo Ortega

Product Lead Rappi
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"Very simple to use, friendly, with a team behind super willing to improve and an incredible customer service."

Marcela Muñoz

Quality Specialist Cabify
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"Thanks to Truora's technology, our clients can now validate their candidates' backgrounds in seconds, making the recruitment process fast and efficient."

Alejandro Ordóñez

CEO TeRecomiendo

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