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Each product is powerful on its own, but you can use them together to create an exceptional user experience.

validacion de identidad digital identity
Digital identity

ID Validation

Check your users' identity by enabling more secure, efficient and up-to-date digital validation processes.


Document validation

Confirm the authenticity of your clients' documents.

Facial recognition

Prevent fraud and stay compliant with regulations by validating faces and people's vitality.

Email and Phone Validation

Send temporary codes or passwords and verify the match for authentic customer data.

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Background check

Check the background of your users, employees and suppliers online, obtaining reliable results for your businness.


Bulk queries

With just one or two pieces of information, you can access official national and international sources.

Various categories of verification

Obtain criminal, judicial, police, credit and international records from government databases.

Automate alerts and risk scoring

Receive alerts when a record changes state and monitor any new risk developments.

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customer engagement
Customer Engagement

Chatbots for WhatsApp

Create automated conversations on WhatsApp and provide customer service, marketing and sales chatbots.


WhatsApp conversation flow

Activate inbound or outbound chatbots that interact with your customers and control each conversation as needed.

AI-powered chatbots

Connect ChatGPT with your WhatsApp bots and offer your customers smooth and personalized conversations.

Campaigns and notifications

Inform about promotions, discounts, news, events or purchase status using WhatsApp reminders.

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Electronic signature

Collect signatures in an easy and efficient way. Save time, paper and money while having legal validation.


Document Creation and Upload

Upload an archive or use a template to create tailored documents.

Automated signature recollection

Check the document status and receive a notification when it's signed.

Send, approve, and store

Send documents via WhatsApp, email, or any channel.

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Robust and comprehensive technology that attracts and engages users
from your industry

Discover how to boost your company's results according to your industry and increase your business efficiency.

Talent management
E-commerce & retail
Real estate

Ensure and simplify customer access to financial services

Comply with AML and KYC regulations governing the banking industry and ensure a reliable and efficient identity verification processes.




Increase in conversion


Customer satisfaction

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Onboard and verify users with a quick experience

It offers a more secure and efficient way to verify the identity of your users, reinforcing the integrity of your financial technology operations.


Validations on the first attempt


Reduction of manual labor


User recovery

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Verify candidate information and hire securely

Verify your candidates' information and backgrounds; streamline your hiring processes by engaging reliable personnel while saving time and operational costs.


Signatures are collected in 10 min


Sources of information


Reduction of manual labor


Increase sales with chatbots on WhatsApp

Elevate the shopping experience in your e-commerce or store by using conversational chatbots on WhatsApp and offer your customers a 24/7 personalized attention.


Reductionin costs


Increase in conversion


Client satisfation

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Increase user acquisition and sales on your platform

Facilitate identity verification and communication between buyers and sellers on your platform, mitigating fraudulent activity and increasing sales.


Validations performed in Marketplace


Users validated per month


Increase in conversion

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Improve efficiency and accelerate the sales process of real estate

Transform the purchase/sale management by streamlining the critical points of your operation: property promotion, customer credit validation and signature collection.


Reducción de costos


Aumento de conversión


Satisfacción de clientes

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Verify drivers, passengers and vehicle renters

Allow access to trusted individuals by validating their identity during the registration and prevent fraud, all without affecting the experience of your users.


More conversion and vehicle rental


Registrations records


validations are completed in less than 2 min

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Guarantee trust and security

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See how our clients make an impact

We were able to expand our operations and grow sustainably with the help of Truora by improving the validation process and reducing human dependency.
luis velasco addi
Senior Product Manager

Luis Velasco

Truora has proven to be a promising solution for managing WhatsApp's mass mailings for recovery purposes.
Maria fernanda - stori
Product Manager

Maria Fernanda Bonilla

Truora has transformed our customer onboarding process and our efficiency by reducing operational times by 80% in Colombia and Mexico. Their platform is reliable and easy to use
Diego lopez
Compliance Office

Diego Lopez

The integration with Truora has made our processes with Rappi-tenderos more agile and automatic, they are always providing us with help and improvements.
felipe villamarin

Felipe Villamarin

Truora helps us improve the connection with our users throughout the entire user journey, from onboarding and KYC to multichannel communications with its artificial intelligence bots.
diego torres
Co-founder & CPO

Diego Torres

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