Verify your
users’ identity

Quickly and safely validate that your users are who they claim to be.


Document validation

  • Data extraction with OCR technology.
  • Government database validations.
  • Anti-fraud models to detect fake documents.
Documento - Di

Facial recognition

  • Real time video face authentication.
  • Compare faces against our identity document databases to avoid blocked or duplicated users.
  • Allow platform access through biometrics.
  • Avoid identity fraud and account theft.

Facial recognition DI-min

Email validation

  • Set up two-step authentication (2FA).
  • Send security codes to verify email addresses.
  • Filter out fake emails and suspicious IP addresses.


Phone validation

  • Set up two-step authentication (2FA).
  • Send security codes via WhatsApp or SMS.
  • Get line risk score to filter out fake numbers

User profile questions

  • Instantly verify the identity of your users.
  • Upscale your user profiles.
  • Automate user profiling by gathering the specific data you need.

Electronic signature
with legal weight

  • Simplify the signing of your documents in 3 simple steps: Upload the PDF document to ZapSign, share the link through any channel and wait for an email notification when it is signed.
  • Collect signatures with legal weight in a simple way that is compatible with mobile devices.
  • Verify that the documents are signed in less than 1 hour.


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