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¿What the hell do we do in Truora?

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Background checks

Validate criminal record of companies, people and vehicles in a matter of seconds.

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Onboarding and user verification

Onboard users safely and efficiently through their favorite platform, WhatsApp.


Electronic signature of documents

Sign your documents in an easy and compatible way with mobile devices. All with legal validity.

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Big Bang 1.0: Calima

Never underestimate the power of a good party.


La historia de la cama

And what do we do with a bed in the office?


El papelito

The beginning of everything, with comic sans and a lot of work ahead.

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What it takes to succeed

The purpose of this document is to clearly describe the traits that are most important to be a successful team member of the Libertas team.

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San Francisco Trip

Visa, travel and courage: The conviction of a team is priceless.

Y combinator

Y combinator

The biggest sale, YC.


Big Bang 2.0: Punta Cana

Back together again after pandemic

Our audience loved our first season

The first season of Truora was part of my motivation to begin to understand more about the Stat-Up world. It is so inspiring and entertaining the way they tell the story, the good, the bad and the ugly from different perspectives!!!

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