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We support Bancolombia in the digital transformation of its onboarding processes for new clients, guaranteeing efficiency and security.


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Digital Identity Verification
background tru checks
Background checks



They achieved a high success rate of 83% in the new customer onboarding process, in an optimal time of 3 to 12 minutes per onboarding, and have detected fraud and false positives.


We have evolved from physical validation processes to 100% digital processes with our onboarding software.


Digital identity verification
Digital identity verification
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Electronic Signature



Intercrédito generated 806 consumer credit applications in January 2022, while in January 2023 increased to 8.381. In other words, loan requests increased 10x achieving great growth in the business.


We adjusted the identity models for Addi's new customer onboarding flow, making it successful and secure.


Icon digital identity
Digital Identity Verification



In August Addi generated a success rate between 30% to 40% in the new customer onboarding process, in October they achieved an increase between 75% to 85%. Currently, this success rate keeps it.

Frequently asked questions

How to background check a person?

How to perform a batch upload?

What score number is a person considered unreliable for hiring?

The score given by Truora in a background check is a recommendation. Truora do not make a judgments about whether or not someone should be hired. This score ranges from 0 to 10, with 10 being a person without risk and 0 being a person with high risk based on the information found in the databases.

How to background check a company?

1. Click on the Check Companies menu option, located on the left side of the screen.


2. Select the country, enter the necessary data for the query and click on the search icon.


3. The following datasets will then appear: Business background, International background and Alert in media... Learn more

What type of information does a background check contain?

The information contained in our background check report depends on the type you choose - person, vehicle or company.


A Person validation contains information about the person's identity, legal background, criminal background, international background, among others.


A Vehicle validation contains information about the person's identity, plus information of the vehicle such as insurance and permits.


A Company validation contains information about the companies' identity, registrations, international background, among others.

Credit History Information

Which product is it related to?



What is the feature?

New Credit History dataset for searches in Brazil and Colombia.


This will bring information as:


  - Indebtedness in real sector (companies); in credit cards, loans and co-debtors;

  - Payment behavior;

  - Recent inquiries in another sector...  Learn more

How to access the status monitor?

1. Click on the Status Monitor menu option, located on the left side of the screen.


Here you can:


  - View by database type.

  - View by country.

  - View by period, up to 3 weeks ago.


2. To view by database type, click the All datasets option and select the option you prefer.


3. To view by country, click on the current country (Brazil) and select the country you prefer.


4. To view by period, up to 3 weeks ago, click on the current period (Current week) and select the period you prefer... Learn more

Names matching type settings

Which product is it related to?



What is the names matching?

Process in which we compare the names found in the criminal, legal and international databases with the “official” name of a person, to determine if a record should be presented as part of the check or not... Learn more


t's a new setting for the client. It will allow them to customize the period of time for performing retries for a check, which translates to a mitigation of having incomplete checks.


Client can enable retries through the /settings endpoint. It will take a default time, but if they want they could also customize it with retry_until param and adjust that time to meet their needs... Learn more

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