Expand your platform and build trust between users and providers of marketplace industry

Ensure access for trustworthy individuals and facilitate communication between buyers and businesses


Marketplace industry

KYC technology that facilitates regulatory compliance

Simplify the onboarding of new users for financial products

Accelerate the onboarding of users

Accelerate the onboarding of reliable customers

Simplify access by integrating 100% automated validations

Prevent fraud

Prevent fraud
and reduce losses

Obtain key information and detect suspicious activities

regulatory compliance

Guaranteed regulatory compliance

Eliminate risk by complying with regulatory standards

Validate the users and merchants entering your platform

Validate the users and merchants entering your platform

Implement verification processes during registration and ensure secure transactions and robust business relationships between buyers and sellers.

  • Access records and backgrounds of your users

  • Save time on manual reviews

  • Offer a safer user onboarding experience

  • Lower fraud rates

Validate the users and merchants entering your platform

Re-engage users and recover abandoned carts

Utilize user behavior information to offer incentives, exclusive discounts or relevant information that encourages users to resume their purchase process.

Generate personalized notifications and reminders through WhatsApp.

Re-engage users and recover abandoned carts
automated support

Automate user support and frequently asked questions

Reduce wait times and enhance customer satisfaction by providing quick and accurate responses.

Allow your agents to take control of the conversation when needed, optimizing your team's time.

automated support

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We achieved scalability and sustainable growth with the help of Truora by improving the validation process and reducing human dependence.
luis velasco addi
Senior Product Manager

Luis Velasco

Truora has proven to be a promising solution for managing the mass delivery of WhatsApp messages for recovery purposes.
Maria fernanda - stori
Product Manager

Maria Fernanda Bonilla

Truora has transformed our customer onboarding process and efficiency, reducing operational times by 80% in Colombia and Mexico. Their platform is reliable and easy to use.
Diego lopez
Compliance Office

Diego Lopez

Integrating with Truora has made our processes with Rappi-tenderos more agile and automated. They always provide assistance and improvements.
felipe villamarin

Felipe Villamarin

Truora helps us to connect better with our users throughout the user journey; from onboarding and KYC to multichannel communication, with their artificial intelligence bots.
diego torres
Co-founder & CPO

Diego Torres

Ensure security and trust

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