Our mission is to eradicate fraud in Latin America

Truora is a tech company that builds fraud prevention solutions for the region. We help startups, marketplaces, fintechs, banks, human resources firms and other companies to reduce fraud risk on their relationships with users, clients, employees and suppliers.

We help you stay one step
ahead of fraud,
to protect you and your company.
From start-ups to
large enterprises

Hundreds of companies in more than 9 countries, carry out fraud prevention processes, background checks and identity validations with us.

Our premises
High standards
Our solutions undergo the most rigorous performance tests in order to meet market demands and current regulations.
People first
We work to achieve the best experience for our clients and their users, safe and frictionless processes that always prioritize the well-being of those who interact with our products.
Our products have the lowest time responses in the region and are at the forefront of new fraud modalities so that our clients are always protected.
A company that was born to solve one of the main issues in Latin America: Fraud
Truora fraud founders

In 2018 Cesar, Maite, David and Daniel, shared the vision of helping the Latin American economy development. Thanks to the team's experience in technological, financial and collaborative economy industries, a problem to fix was identified, fraud.

Truora begins by revolutionizing the market with fast and reliable background checks for the region, a solution that is adopted by marketplaces, large financial institutions, fintechs, startups and multinationals in order to decrease their risk of fraud and take faster and more reliable decisions.

Approaching our main goal, new fraud prevention technologies have been launched, such as Digital Identity, Signals and Passport seeking to continue supporting companies and now help people make their day-to-day interactions safer.

Truora has an international and interdisciplinary team of passionate technology enthusiasts seeking to eradicate fraud in Latin America. With offices in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru and San Francisco and operations in 4 other countries in the region, we are in the first stage of a long road that seeks to help our region reduce it's high indicators of fraud and corruption.

Our pillars
We are convinced that we can always count on all the members of our team. Trust is key in our operation and reaches all levels of the organization.
At Truora, we are not only owners of our time, work and results. We also own the company and therefore we are 100% committed to seeing it grow.
Straight talk
At Truora, we are frank and concise. We give feedback but also appreciate receiving it. Constructive criticism is always welcome.
We face problems with courage. We are a resilient and unstoppable team. There is no obstacle that can stop us.
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