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Financial Industry

Secure conversations, transactions and identity verification with your prospects through WhatsApp.

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Use messaging in WhatsApp to grow interactions with your bank or fintech re-engage customers and verify the ID of possible customers or employees with our no-code flow builder.

Verify users with KYC (and AML)

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We help financial institutions comply with local regulations, and perform the full KYC of their users.

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We offer a suite of validations that can be added at any point in the flow and allow businesses to adapt multiple flows at the same time.

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Our suite includes: document validation, face recognition, device authentication, digital signature, criminal background checks, credit checks, etc.

User re-engagement with WhatsApp

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Customer Support powered
by messaging

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Create multiple outbound and inbound flows to reach your customers with a notification in a channel they check all the time… and don’t ignore.

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Ensure you comply with banking regulations by verifying them, and provide the level of support they deserve.

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Our no-code flowbuilder allows you to build multiple inbound and outbound automated conversations, so you can solve issues fast, without losing customers.

Why should you use Truora for banking?

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Send marketing campaigns through the user favorite communication channel:WhatsApp

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Access to information using our validators in a fast, secure and hassle-free way. (End-to-end encryption)

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Reduce customer service times and costs by automating FAQs, customer service, cards applications, balance inquiries, loan requests or password retrieval, ease the signing of documents through WhatsApp.

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