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User onboarding in
online Marketplaces

Easily target your customers on WhatsApp for alerts, notifications and marketing campaigns. Automate gigster and employee onboarding.


Send relevant offers and get more customers talking to your business. Create campaigns on WhatsApp easily with zero code.

Customize and automate your employee registration funnel

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Automate 100% of your new employee onboarding process, validating their background and identity.

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Perform automated onboarding of gigsters faster; validating identity, background and digital signature with legal validity.

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Hire safely and efficiently. Verification in +2000 sources in one click: validate criminal, legal, financial and vehicle history.

Outbound campaigns at your fingertips


Give credit and loyalty cards for
increased support from your clients

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Our suite includes:
document validation, face recognition, device authentication, digital signature, criminal background checks, credit checks, etc.

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Complete KYC and AML processes without leaving WhatsApp.

Why should you use Truora for your marketplace?

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Easy to integrate REST API with programmable alerts for constant monitoring.

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Integrate and automate background checks into your current hiring flow.

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Personalize and automate decision rules with our BRE (Business rules engines).

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Customer success story: +20K gig messengers validated monthly.

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