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User onboarding in
Real Estate industry

Close the deal through WhatsApp! Allow your prospects to have immediate, more secure advice with less bureaucracy.

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Help your client find the property of their dreams through their favorite channel: WhatsApp.

Lead generation and prospect profiling in seconds

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Add your WhatsApp phone number in real estate publications and billboards and get a flow of leads to profile in minutes.

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Generate automated flows with questions that allow you to profile each prospect.

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Allow the prospect to book the perfect time to chat with an agent.


User registration with KYC for risk assessment

Why should you use Truora for real state?

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Send marketing campaigns through the user favorite communication channel: WhatsApp.

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Access to information using our validators in a fast, secure and hassle-free way. (End-to-end encryption)

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Automation. Reduce customer service times and costs by automating FAQs, customer service, cards applications, balance inquiries, loan requests or password retrieval, ease the signing of documents through WhatsApp.

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