Mobility industry: verify drivers, passengers, or logistics personnel to ensure the safety of your operations

Digitally validate your users and verify if their profile is secure before incorporating them


mobility industry

Robust technology that facilitates secure experiences

Accelerate growth by acquiring reliable users and verify their identity with high precision

validate identity and background

Validate identity and background in real-time

Simplify access by integrating 100% automated validations

prevent fraud

Prevent fraud
and reduce losses.

Get key information and detect suspicious activities


Eliminate manual processes from your operation

Reduce response time and make quick decisions

icorpora usuarios y conductores

Incorporate reliable users and drivers into your mobility platforms

Integrate validators for licenses, documents, faces, and data to verify that your drivers, passengers, or logistics operators are trustworthy.

Mitigate losses and risks by preventing fraudulent individuals from entering your operations from day one. 

icorpora usuarios y conductores

Validate the backgrounds of drivers, suppliers, or carriers.

Keep your operation secure by mass-checking backgrounds, receiving recurrent alerts about any changes, and streamlining processes such as:

  • Validating criminal, legal, and vehicle records in minutes.

  • Verifying the identity of drivers at the beginning or during their workday using WhatsApp.

  • Hiring temporary personnel without taking risks.

Validate the backgrounds of drivers, suppliers, or carriers.

Integrate an efficient and comprehensive validation experience

Flow integration WhatsApp flow builder integration

Which also works on WhatsApp

Which also works on WhatsApp Which also works on WhatsApp M

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