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In only 5 minutes, Addi's users can obtain digital credits at stores by validating their identity with Truora.

En 5 minutos, los usuarios de addi logran obtener créditos digitales en comercios validando su identidad con Truora
  • 80%

    Reduction in fraud 
    thanks to TruFace

  • +60%

    User conversion
    in Colombia

  • +300k

    Validated documents 
    in 2022


Addi’s objective

To drive and enable digital commerce in Latin America, allowing users to buy what they want, when they want, in an easy, fast and transparent way.


The main need of Addi lies in facilitating access for new users to immediate digital credits requested in stores or physical shops by validating their identity.

Addi faces the challenge of minimizing fraud to the greatest extent possible and avoiding the loss of potential customers.

"At Addi💸 we needed to implement an efficient identity validation process in order to grant fast and secure credits for the businesses."

The Solution

Integrating an identity validation flow into the process of granting credits to new users


What did we do for Addi? 

At Truora, we integrated a validation and biometric authentication flow via API into Addi's services, enabling potential customers to obtain immediate credits using their ID to finance their purchases within minutes and with minimal friction.

"We were able to expand our operations and grow sustainably with the help of Truora by improving the validation process and reducing human dependency."

Luis Velasco

Senior Product Manager at Addi

Integrated Validators:

identity validation

Validation of the identity document
of the user applying for credit, which compares the document with legal databases and fraud models focused on detecting identity theft.

identity validation

Facial recognition 
through a liveness test (video of a moving face). 

facial recognition
Fraudulent face database

TruFace validation that compares facial biometrics with a database of reported faces.

Fraudulent face database

Thanks to the integration between Addi and Truora, the prior’s customer conversion increased by 60% since implementation. Moreover, customer acceptance and satisfaction increased by 96%

  • The validation and document review process at Addi went from 2 minutes to 30 seconds, thanks to Truora's automatic validation.

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