Registering digital partners

Fincomercio succeeds in strengthening customer loyalty and engagement through Truora

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  • 74%

    User conversion
    +1.500 Loans placed per month.

  • 36K

    transactions monthly

  • 10X

    Efficiency in the renewal and password change process.

Through integration with Truora, customer loyalty strengthened and the digital channel became one of the most widely used by associates, resulting in:


Fincomercio aims to enhance its strategies for the loyalty and engagement of its associates through digital channels while ensuring a seamless user experience.

Processes in which Truora assists Fincomercio

Virtual Agency:
Registration on the website 
credit card
Digital credit:
Registration for credit (click credit)

Renewal and change
of passwords


Associates' enrollment
via WhatsApp

The Solution

Fincomercio initiated the optimization of its website, allowing associates to carry out key processes automatically. To achieve this, it integrated Truora's facial biometrics and validation solutions, such as:

identity validation

Document validation

facial recognition

Facial recognition

manual review

Manual revision

  • With Truora, Fincomercio's customer loyalty has been strengthened and the digital channel has become one of the most widely used.

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