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It offers a secure and fast experience for your users when signing electronic documents through WhatsApp.


Simplify your processes with confidence using Electronic Signature.

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Background Checks

Verify the authenticity and consistency of your users' identity documents.
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Learn how GreenPeace initiated the digital transformation

GreenPeace is an international environmental NGO that receives donations to develop campaigns in favor of environmental care, preventing global warming and consumerism.

What has GreenPeace achieved with our solution?

 What has GreenPeace achieved with our solution?  Maintain the traceability of their donor contract documents, to access them when added layer of security increases the success rate of verification.

  Stay compliant with the legality that corresponds to them as an international ONG: our signature has legal validity.

  Save costs in paper and document sending processes to different parts of the world.

  By having different channels to share their documents to sign: WhatsApp, email, SMS, Telegram, among others, it has been able to expand its possibilities of raising donations.

  With our different levels of validation, GreenPeace can maintain security over the identity of its signatories.

Other brands that are taking their processes to the digital world

With Electronic Signature, the Real Estate, Financial and even educational industries ensure the security and integrity of their documents.

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What industries can we help to grow?

Know some reasons why they prefer us:


92% faster

Than a traditional signature

Create documents

In less than 1 minute
safe storage

Safe storage

In the cloud
sign form anywhere

Sign from anywhere

 and any device
audit trail record

Audit trail record

According to NOM 1501

legal validity

Legal validity

To create documents

Sustainability seal

We are the electronic signature with legal validity used by over 240K users

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