Digital Transformation

Ban100 evolves and begins its digital transformation process alongside Truora, enhancing their impact and results.

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    Validations conducted

  • 30%

    Increase in

  • +90%

    Time savings
    in time deposit (CDT) renewal

Ban100 formerly known as CrediFinanciera, has the primary goal of accompanying its users from 0 to 100 on their financial journey. The institution is focused on providing a comprehensive range of solutions that adapt to various needs through savings, credit and investment products for individuals and micro-entrepreneurs in Colombia.


Ban100 faced a critical challenge: to digitize its processes in order to enhance customer experience and optimize the efforts of its team.

On a daily basis, the Ban100 team had to carry out manual and physical interventions to execute credit processes, account openings and time deposit renewals with their clients. This resulted in a significant effort, as 70% of the time was dedicated to the renewal of agreements and in-person visits rather than acquiring new potential clients.

To automate and digitize its operation, Ban100 initiated its digital transformation process using Truora's products.

"At Ban100 we needed an ally that would help us take the first steps in digital transformation, implementing technologies that streamline growth."

The Solution

Co-create the digitalization process by implementing technologies that facilitate the streamlining of Ban100's operations

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What did we do with Ban100?

Truora partnered with Ban100 to guide them in their digital transformation by mapping critical points in their operations, including: onboarding new clients, financial product renewal (CDT), document management, and user signature collection.

To achieve this, Truora introduced three key technological solutions:

Identity validators

Successful validation

In the process of renewing or acquiring time deposits (CDTs), Ban100 uses Truora's automated document validation and facial recognition to ensure security and regulatory compliance.

With this solution, Ban100 reduced costs and operational effort in renewals by 90%

Electronic Signature

Through the implementation of Truora's electronic signature, Ban100 eliminated the need for in-person processes, allowing its clients to sign documents and complete the entire opening or renewal process for time deposits (CDT) digitally. This increased efficiency and conversion rates in less time

Automated channel on WhatsApp


Automated channel on WhatsApp

With the activation of Truora's Customer Engagement, Ban100 successfully digitized communication with its customers, enabling advisors to send reminders for product renewals and data updates via WhatsApp

The digital transformation of Ban100, in collaboration with Truora, not only revolutionized the way they operated but also accelerated the efficiency of the financial institution and revolutionized the customer experience

  • Ban100's financial product renewal process improved by 90% thanks to Truora's automatic validation.

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