Customer Engagement

trii, the investment app that increased customer satisfaction by +60% by integrating Truora

  • 15%

    Increased transactions

     due to bot recommendations

  • +150k

     were automated

  • +40%

    Cost optimization

    in support team

With AI-powered chatbots on WhatsApp, trii automates and enhances the conversion of its product.


trii's objective

Provide a customer service channel, guidance, and 24/7 support for users, enhancing engagement and satisfaction

Trii has positioned itself as one of the most reliable and convenient platforms for people to manage their investments securely and efficiently. With thousands of users, trii strives to offer an exceptional experience and high-quality digital services.

As a technology-based company for both digital and non-digital audiences, trii needs to:

- Communicate investment opportunities to users who don't know how to invest or use their money in a clear and concise way

- Retain active users by encouraging more and new investments

- Offer personalized support through natural conversations

Trii analyzed that its users ask questions related to specific information, expecting efficient answers without being transferred repeatedly.

"At trii🌳 we needed a direct communication channel that would answer all the questions people have about investing."

As the number of users and inquiries increased, maintaining personalized and efficient attention became a challenge for the business as a high percentage of users do not know how to invest or need help making decisions in their understanding process; leading trii to focus efforts on long-term engaging financial education.

The solution

Offer a customer service channel, accompaniment, and support 24/7 for users, boosting engagement and satisfaction.

At Truora, we developed and implemented a chatbot on WhatsApp that is connected to artificial intelligence engines such as ChatGPT with natural language processing and customer data to provide tailored solutions and answers to trii in two key areas:


Automated virtual agent that answers investment questions, making the process more efficient


Clarity in the process in order to help each user make faster decisions when using the services


In order to further improve the customer experience and expand its user base, trii has decided to implement an engagement strategy in its customer service channels, making the most of the rapid activation of communication flows that guide users to make clear and consistent investment decisions.

Recognizing the growing popularity of WhatsApp, trii integrated its support and assistance number with the Truora services, allowing its customers to easily access its services, receive automatic notifications about its news, resolve their questions, and chat at any time and place. In addition, the artificial intelligence linked to the WhatsApp chatbot ensures that each customer receives attention in the appropriate tone and intention.

Among the results of the improved experience are:

- Personalized customer service that never sleeps

- Maximum clarity, minimizing frustration

- Clear communication with quick and accurate responses and routing

- Constant connection with customers at low costs

- 80% automated support

  • 80% of trii's most frequent customer inquiries are handled by Truora in real time.

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