Authorization of the Processing of Personal Data




By clicking on [I ACCEPT] and registering your personal data on this landing page, you expressly and unequivocally state that you are the legitimate Owner of the information provided and that it is true, complete, accurate, up-to-date and verifiable.

You freely, expressly, unequivocally and informedly declare that you AUTHORIZE Truora S.A.S. (hereinafter "Truora"), a company legally constituted under the laws of the Republic of Colombia, with address at Carrera 12 No. 90 - 20 office 594 in the city of Bogotá D.C., Colombia, identified with NIT 901.189.979- 5 and the Astronaut (as defined in the Terms and Conditions) who requested their Personal Data which will be processed through the Platform; so that, in the terms of Law 1581 of 2012 and its Regulatory Decree 1377 of 2013, carry out the collection, storage, purification, use, circulation, updating, deletion, crossing with own information and / or authorized third parties and in general, the treatment of your personal and contact data, so that said treatment is carried out with the purpose of achieving the following purposes:

General purposes:


  • Sending information to your employees, suppliers, third parties and users of your platform.

  • Execute the existing contractual relationship with its employees, suppliers, third parties and users of its platform, including the payment of contractual obligations.

  • Register the information of your employees, suppliers, third parties and users of your platform and the database registration of each one.

  • Those indicated in the authorization granted by the Owner of the data or described in the respective privacy notice, as the case may be.

  • Sending information to government or judicial entities at the express request of the same.

  • Support in external/internal audit processes.

  • Report to the data banks, directly or through the authorities, the processed or unprocessed data, and the pertinent financial information.

  • Manage procedures (requests, complaints, claims).

  • Include in their Databases and treat the information acquired by virtue of the existing relationship between the Holders and the Responsible party, whatever their legal nature (labour, civil, commercial), as well as the information provided by their shareholders, linked and/or related.

  • Contact the Holder through a data message to send extracts, account statements or invoices in relation to the obligations derived from the contract entered into between the parties.


Purposes for Astronauts and users:


  • Verify the identification document.

  • Carry out the consultation in national and international public databases of the Owners of the Personal Data.

  • Carry out the biometric validation of the Holders.

  • Capture of videos, facial photographs, photographs of the identity document, electronic signature, email and cell phone number to validate the Holder's identity.

  • Capture of the cell phone number to send messages through WhatsApp.

  • Creation of the Truora account on the platform.

  • Improve Truora services through the development of studies on the behavior, needs, tastes and interests of Users on the Platform.

  • Carry out population, geographic, demographic, behavioral studies, purchasing habits, tastes and preferences of Users, which allow the development of advertising, market and statistical analysis campaigns. Said information may be marketed to third parties without Personal Data or Sensitive Data being included.

  • Analyze the pages visited and the searches carried out by Users, with the aim of improving the offer of content and articles and to personalize the content, its presentation and services.

  • Improve commercial and promotional initiatives.

  • Manage internal statistics, with the aim of monitoring the services offered.

  • Send information and/or communications by any means that would have been provided by the Holder (text messages to the cell phone, social networks, email, among others) about new services, change in service and rates, payment reminders, promotions, events and information of interest to Users.

  • Share Personal Data with service providers of means of payment, insurance or payment management intermediaries, call centers or loyalty programs, among others. The Responsible will sign agreements with said providers to ensure the privacy of the Personal Data of our Users, however, it is not responsible for the improper use that these persons or entities may give to the information.

  • Provide the Personal Data of the Users to the entities that intervene in the resolution of disputes between them, such as: Insurance Companies, Friendly Composers or Arbitration Courts or competent courts to resolve such disputes, State entities.

  • Improve the user experience when making transactions through the platform, by reminding us of the means of payment. This is achieved through the Truora storage service, which saves certain information on the means of payment used by users, which is related to the name of the card franchise, expiration date and the mask of the card used. In no case does Truora collect and/or store sensitive information such as credit or debit card passwords or banking services.

  • Provide the Services offered in an appropriate manner.

  • Give Treatment to the information in physical and digital media, ensuring that they are correctly used by the Responsible.

  • For billing and other tax purposes, in this case it will be shared with the State entities in charge of carrying out said work.

  • Contact the Holder in the event that some type of problem or inconvenience is generated with the Personal Data.

  • Management of billing and portfolio collection.

  • Sending, receiving text messages, emails and/or others for communication, advertising and/or customer service purposes, in order to maintain personalized contact with users.

  • Access the Personal Data contained in the database of third-party information operators to: (a) carry out the preparation of credit scores, income validation tools, income predictive tools, tools to prevent fraud, impersonation and, in general, carry out adequate credit risk management and (b) compare, contrast and complement it with financial, commercial, credit, service information and information held in credit information centers and/or information database operators financial, commercial, credit, among others.

  • Consult the Personal Data in the information centers to know the performance as a debtor, payment capacity or to assess the future risk of granting a loan.

  • Report to the information centers, on the fulfillment or breach of the obligations for the provision of the service or for any other obligation that has been acquired with the Responsible, or whoever is designated.


As the Holder of the information, you declare that you have been informed in a clear and understandable manner that you have the right to know, update and rectify the personal data provided, to request proof of this authorization, to request information on the use that has been given to it. to your personal data, to revoke this authorization or request the deletion of the personal data provided and to access them free of charge.

I declare that I was informed that, in the event of the collection of my sensitive information, I have the right to answer or not the questions that are asked of me and to deliver or not the requested data.

I understand that sensitive data is that which affects the privacy of the Holder or whose improper use can generate discrimination (for example, political orientation, religious or philosophical convictions, data related to health, sexual life and biometric data, such as my signature and photos).

By clicking on [I ACCEPT] and authorizing your data, you also state that you acknowledge and accept that any query or claim related to the processing of your personal data may be submitted verbally or in writing to the means of communication provided by each of the Responsible for information, which are (i) in the case of the Astronaut, a direct claim before him or her or, (ii) in the case of Truora, by means of a request to the following email: The Truora Privacy Area will be in charge of attending and responding to requests, queries and claims regarding the personal data of the Holders.

I declare to know that the Policy can be consulted at

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