Build personalized
and use them
across multiple channels

Create and automate your own chatbots according to your business’ needs. No code required.


Simplify the user
onboarding process

Create personalized conversations in minutes to facilitate your user interactions through WhatsApp:

  • Fast setup and deploy.
  • Verify your users’ identity or their background.
  • Increase your conversion rates.
  • Reduce response times.

Automate your
customer support

Design customized chatbots for your web, app or WhatsApp line to improve your customer support:

  • Automate your customers’ FAQ to save time and reduce operating costs.
  • Create a personalized customer service/support experience.
  • Allow your agents to take over the conversation at any time.

Increase your Sales
and Marketing results

Optimize your sales cycles and marketing campaigns using WhatsApp:

  • Automate your lead acquisition process.
  • Simplify your sales processes.
  • Create inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.
  • Send appointment reminders, promotions and manage secure purchasing processes.

Truora Integrates with the tools you already use in your business


Integrate Zendesk

Marketing Automation


Integrate Hubspot

Marketing Automation


Integrate Intercom

Customer Support


Integrate Kustomer

Marketing Automation


Integrate Salesforce

Marketing and Sales

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More than 300 clients trust us

Manage all your
hubspot contacts
From WhatsApp

Install our App for free and don't lose more time bringing your contact information manually to HubSpot, Do it all from WhatsApp!

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They recommend us because we solve their needs:

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"Integrating with Truora has made our fraud prevention processes automated and agile. The best part of this is always having a continued partner from the product side to keep things up to date."

Mary Ordosgoitia

Product Lead Rappi
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"Very simple to use, friendly, with a team behind super willing to improve and an incredible customer service."

Marcela Muñoz

Quality Specialist Cabify
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"Thanks to Truora's technology, our clients can now validate their candidates' backgrounds in seconds, making the recruitment process fast and efficient."

Alejandro Ordóñez

CEO TeRecomiendo
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Ready to simplify interactions with
your users?

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