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Fraud doesn't stand a chance.

Comprehensive fraud detection and prevention solutions to protect your reputation and your business.

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2 millionthreats detected
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Over 650kbackground checks
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Nearly 500 businesses trust in Truora
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Truora checks people, businesses and vehicles.

History doesn't have to repeat itself. Validate in minutes.

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Validate identity, legal and criminal history, insurance and affiliations.

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Cross-reference over 100 national and international databases.

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Verify real identity

Verify the identity of your users

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Make sure your users are who they say they are.

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Avoid identity impersonation by safeguarding registration processes.

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Get fraud alerts AND Share when fraud happens to you.

Introducing Latam's largest fraud bureau

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Provide fraud data. Get fraud data. (That's why it's called FrauData!).

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Join the community dedicated to uniting against fraud in Latin America.

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Helping over 450 companies like yours beat fraud.
"Integrating with Truora has made our fraud prevention processes automated and agile. The best part of this is always having a continued partner from the product side to keep things up to date."
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Mary OrdosgoitiaProduct Lead Rappi
"Very simple to use, friendly, with a team behind super willing to improve and an incredible customer service."
Marcela MuñozQuality Specialist Cabify
"Thanks to Truora's technology, our clients can now validate their candidates' backgrounds in seconds, making the recruitment process fast and efficient."
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Alejandro OrdóñezCEO TeRecomiendo
"Truora gives us peace of mind when it comes to onboarding our clients and contractors. Definitely all companies that need to verify users or suppliers should work with them."
Julián TorresCOO OnTop
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Thousands of users. Thousands of cases of fraud, stopped.

Save time, money, and your reputation by automating your anti-fraud efforts.

2 million
threats detected and avoided
verifications run per week
2 week
average time saved
Support in 5
countries of Latin America

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Truora's data treatment policy?

You can find the treatment policy in our Privacy Notice section at the end of this page.

Is Truora responsible for the hiring decisions of any company?

No, we only conduct background checks that allow a person or company to make an informed decision.

I have a complaint or claim, who can I contact?

You can contact us through our help chat. We will do our best to solve all the doubts you have.

What can I do if I want Truora to delete all my information from its servers?

You can contact us through our help chat. Remember to add your contact information and be as specific as possible so that we can correctly analyze your case.

How can I do a TruCheck?

You can do it from the web platform or by connecting your services to our API.

From which device can I do a TruCheck?

You can do it from all kinds of devices by entering the web platform, you only need an Internet connection.

What does the TruChecks score mean?

It is a weighting of the different information that the report contains. There are factors that impact it to a greater extent depending on its severity. You can modify the weights according to your business rules.

What can I do if my report reflects something that happened a long time ago or something wrong?

You can contact us through our chat. Remember to send us your contact information and attach files that support your case so that we can provide you with better help.

What is Digital Identity?

It is the profile that we generate using our different types of validators, in order to authenticate your users.

What is a validator?

It is a service that allows you to validate your users in real time.

What types of validators are?

We currently have identity document validation, facial recognition, email validation, phone number validation, security questionnaires and voice recognition.

In which countries is Digital Identity?

It is currently available in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. Soon we will be present in other Latin American countries.

What is FrauData?

It is the largest fraud bureau in Latin America. FrauData helps you prevent criminals from entering your operations by receiving alerts from other allies who have previously suffered from fraud. If you want more information, you can communicate your doubts through our help chat.

How does FrauData work?

You should only share the information you have about fraud that you have suffered and you will be able to receive reported information from our allies in order to prevent future attacks. We only ask for information that can be shared according to Habeas data regulation and is shared once a week.

Do you have to pay to be on FrauData?

No. At the moment it is completely free, but it will only stay that way for the first 100 companies that have joined.

Will my competition know that they are cheating me?

Of course not! This information is 100% confidential. Only information that has been identified as fraudulent will be shared, but not which companies have been affected.

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