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How did we help Trii grow in Colombia?

By executing their retargeting campaigns through WhatsApp, Trii achieved:

+30% Users resuming the onboarding process.
+58% Churn users retrieved that finished the onboarding process.
+90% Successful onboarding processes.
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How did we help Global66 verify their users?

We connected our identity verification products and achieved:

+20K Verified users.
2min Duration in the identity validation and Background Check process.
+5% Denial for possible fraud, mitigating the entry of fake users.
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How did we ensure the registration of real Rappi-Tenderos?

By integrating TruChecks to their platforms, Rappi achieved:

+50% Reduction in the registration of unqualified users.
+20K Rappi-Tenderos validated monthly.
100% Automation of the onboarding process, maintaining business growth.

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